About Us

The financial profile is the set of characteristics that each person has when dealing with their own money. In this way, there are more conservative people, others more daring, some more “gastonas”, others more economical.We are an profile finance specialized in different lines of business, providing the best protection solutions .

The commercialized policies are backed by market-leading insurance companies, which ensure the credibility and exclusivity of products.

The personalized service provides a detailed analysis of each client’s business, resulting in proposals specially structured to meet the needs and profile of each company.
With this, you will have access to the resources to successfully manage your wealth and to ensure that your finances are safe for your career and your retirement.
we are a banking correspondent and we have a vision: to change the financing market to make it simpler, more accessible and more transparent.

Our mission is to solve your financial needs in the short term, offering solutions in a simple, fast, automated and clear way.

In order to fulfill our mission responsibly, Profils Finance analyzes all requests individually, so we ensure that we offer you the best option according to your situation. Our risk software processes different variables in order to be able, in a matter of seconds, to make the most appropriate and objective decision, and offer it to you, guaranteeing convenience instantly.